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How To Lighten Skin Complexion With Fermented Milk.

Fermented milk

Fermented milk is at the top of our list of organic skin lighteners. Also ensure other dairy products, including yogurt and buttermilk. These products will nourish and whiten the skin when applied.

Lactic acid is the natural compound found in dairy products from cows and goats that can be attributed to this whitening effect.

Even if lactic acid is capable of skin care, the results are not achieved instantly and with the use of continuous and consistent use.

Therefore, dairy products cannot be used as a cosmetic cover for immediate and short results, but are ideal for everlasting results.

You need:

3 tbsp fermented milk

1 cotton ball

how to apply:

Dip cotton ball in  fermented milk and apply on your face , leave it for 10 mins, after 10 mins you can wash your face with plain water

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