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What Would the World Look Like Without Is The Donald Trump Presidency Is Over?

Is The Donald Trump Presidency Is Over

Every American already have gone to the polls since Trump toke over his office, they try very hard to push back him. The blue wave that starts in the state of elections at the end of the year 2017, grew bigger in the 2018 midterms, and bigger yet in 2019.
While Trump also focused on the Republican Party’s whole year 2018, and congressional campaign on immigrant caravans and the border wall, and he lost all.
Trump also supports the Republican gubernatorial candidates on the last nights before elections in the states of Kentucky and Louisiana, and they lost all. Democrats also take over total control of the Virginia legislature, where the party held on to all the suburban seats and it had flipped two years.
Even  CBS News also poll taken late last month found that are 65 percent of Americans and more than the majority of a third  Democrats also believed that Trump would be win again reelection.
Trump has been also confidently stalking Democrats, that holding a exuberant rallies in each of the early caucus and primary states.
The week voting system also helped the Trump to take his position stronger. Bernie Sanders also takes a commanding delegate that may lead after the Nevada caucus, and Democratic leaders and many others also panicked the world. Sanders was briefly and completely viewed as Trump’s preferred opponent, and he also looked up unstoppable in the nomination battle.
Republicans were also rubbing their hands together with each other, eager also to spend millions “educating” on the country about Sanders’s honeymoon in Moscow and his socialist plans also destroy American health care.
After the stunned of Joe Biden and all the political analysts winning the South Carolina that are primary nearly to the almost 35 points.
 The New York Times News also published a front-page story on the socialist podcast Chapo Trap House and a broader movement called themselves the “Dirtbag Left,” which embraced Sanders and then attacked his Democratic opponents.
But Democratic voters also take over the all nominating process and completely changed the everything of it.  Then the group of voters also not felt more threatened by Donald Trump than African Americans, and any other group was more determined to see him completely defeated.
The increase was also led by African and American voters in the suburbs. After 2 weeks in Michigan, Tim Alberta also declared in Politico, “Democratic turnout exploded” led by a 40 percent increase in the richest county.
Why Some Voters Really Hate to the MR Donald Trump
According to the Recent surveys  The team suggests that people who do not like Donald Trump as United States president.
But the question is that, like him or not?  Trump has shown us a  very great deal in his short time on the political stage. For this purpose, we should be very grateful to him.
So, how much do we like Trump? According to the U.S  expert in Caucasian languages and politics, and someone who advised the Bill Clinton White House on Russia at various points in my career, please let me count the ways.
1. Disdain for every tradition
Trump has also shown us all the precedents and traditions that are surrounding the office of the presidency, and the competition to attain this office, are not enough to bring the respect and compliance of the White House. Trump also seems to despise the traditions of every office that he thought.
Specifically, he has also taught us that income tax returns of candidates and nominees must be revealed by all the law, and it’s not my custom. Trump has a very good reason for this tradition.
That because of his returns will be probably shown that his real estate empire was bailed out in 2007 by Russian banks and that the Russian mafia has already laundered millions of dollars through his holdings.
2. Flaws in electoral system
By winning the election with the largest vote, 2.8 million or so below Hillary Clinton, Trump has also taught us that the Electoral College is not working properly its original function.
Now the all world knows that the United States can be no longer present itself as a paradigm of democratic process.
According to a February Rolling Stone article, How Trump’s Agenda tries to Clashes  With, and  What Americans really Want, the Republicans hold a majority in Congress despite being a full of approximately 23 million votes behind their Democratic challengers.
3. Style vs. substance
Trump has also shown that financial success, while albeit tainted in his case, does not prepare people for the high office of the presidency.
On the other hand  In Trump’s case, skills are making empty promises and mocking others was honed by his side career.
There are two major parties that are unable to present their array of alternate candidates to the Trump in a forum, that also allowed the crucial distinction as opposed to the style of emerging.
Trump has also taught us, therefore, that clearly both parties need to research the processes and also underlie how they choose their presidential nominees.
4.Medical fitness to lead
Trump’s explanation is essentially right, that consisting as it does of broad, grandiose promises, fiery denunciations and denials and little kidding of those he sees as his inferiors, which is almost everyone. But he has also learned us that he might be not a well.
His secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, also call to him by a “moron.” This is unfair and probably wrong.
5.  “Fake news” origins in Russia
Finally, Trump has also offered us many lessons on Russia, from its language to its amazing hacking techniques. The term “fake news” is surrounding almost daily by Trump in reference to any story that is not true. According to my experience with Russia and the Caucasus, Trump’s also use of “fake news” was pointing at me.
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