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The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Hillary Clinton Biography, Politics,

In 2001, Miss Hillary Clinton was elected for the U.S. Senate and she also became the first American first lady to win a sea in public office. while  In 2016, she became the first woman in the U.S.A  history nominee for a president in a political party.
Who Is Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago and she gets her law degree from Yale University. 
She married with bill Clinton in 1975 and he was her class fellow in law school during her graduation. 
In early 2007, Clinton announced her plans to run for the presidency, because she was interested in politics while in 2008 Obama become the president of the USA and After winning the election, Obama appointed to her for secretary of state. 
She was part of his cabinet in January 2009 and she served very hard until 2013. In the spring season of 2015, she announced her plans to election against for the U.S.A presidency. 
In 2016, she became the first woman in the history of the U.S.A who become the presidential nominee of a political party. After a polarizing campaign against GOP candidate Donald Trump, Clinton was defeated in the general election that held in November.
Early Life
Hillary Diane Rodham and better known by her name Hillary Clinton was born on 26 October 1947 in Chicago. She was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois, that located 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. 
Hillary was the eldest in her family and her father’s name was Rodham, and her father was the owner of a prosperous fabric store. she has two younger brothers, Hugh Jr. (whose born in 1950) and other Anthony (whose born in 1954).
Education and Early Career
Hillary was from Wellesley College, where she was also active in extra circular activities like student politics and elected senior class president before graduating in 1969. 
In 1973  she attended Yale Law School for graduation in law, where she met with Bill Clinton. As a college student, Hillary also worked at different jobs during her summer vacation. In 1971, she first came to Washington, D.C. to work on a U.S.A Senator Walter on migrant workers. 
In the summer vacations of 1972, she worked in the western states for the campaign of Democratic presidential. In the spring season of 1974, Hillary became a member of the presidential inquiry staff. she became a member of the University of Arkansas Law School in Fayetteville, where Bill Clinton was also teaching as well.
Marriage to Bill Clinton
On October 11, 1975, she married with bill Clinton at their home located in Fayetteville. Before he proposed marriage, 
Bill had secretly purchased a small house that she had remarked that she liked and When he proposed to her marriage and she accepted. And her daughter, Chelsea Victoria, was born on February 27, 1980. 
In 1976, Clinton worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaign for president and at the time her husband was elected attorney general. Bill Clinton was also elected governor in 1978 at the very age of 32.hellery Clinton also joined the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock in 1977, and he was also appointed to a part-time chairman of the Legal Services Corporation by President Carter. 
As a first lady of the state for a dozen years (1979-1981, 1983-1992), she served on the boards of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, for the Children’s Defense and She also served on the boards of TCBY and Wal-Mart. while In 1988 and 1991, she named one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in America.
First Lady
During her husband’s 1992 presidential campaign, Clinton emerged as a dynamic partner of her husband, and as a president, he named her to head the Task Force on National Health Reform. 
She and her husband invested in the Whitewater real estate project. its project’s of bank.
In 1998, the White House was engulfed in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. she publicly supported her husband, Hillary report considered leaving her marriage. He was impeached, but the U.S.A Senate failed to convict and he remained in the office.
Senate Win and Presidential Run 
In 1999, Clinton decided she would handle the U.S. Senate seat from New York that held by Daniel Patrick, who was retiring after four different terms. 
Despite the early problems and charges of carpetbagging, Clinton beat popular Republican Rick by a vast margin up to 55 % to 43 %. 
Clinton became the wife of a president to seek and win public office and the first woman to be elected to the U.S.A Senate from New York. She also easily won reelection that held in November 2006.
Health Issues
In December 2012, Clinton also took responsibility for security at the outpost in Benghazi, which was scheduled to testify about the attack before the Congress. 
She canceled her scheduled testimony, while, citing a stomach virus and, because she suffered from the dehydration disease. 
Some members of the Congress questioned the timing of her illnesses, rather than Representative Allen West,  he believed the secretary of state was suffering from “a case of Benghazi flu” on the day she was scheduled to the testify.
On December 30, 2012, she was hospitalized with a blood clot and  She was released from a New York hospital on January 2, 2013, after treatment, she well soon and then returned to work.
Mother-in-Law and Grandmother
In 2010, the Clintons’ daughter Chelsea married and her husband name is  Marc Mezvinksy.
while on September 26, 2014, Clinton became a first-time grandmother when daughter Chelsea gave birth to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. 
On June 18, 2016 Chelsea gave birth to her second child, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky, and to son Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky on July 22, 2019.
Email Scandal
In early March 2015, Clinton also faced much controversy and criticism when it was announced that she had used her personal email address to handle official governmental business during this time when she was secretary of state. 
In a news interview held at the United Nations, she had used her personal email for convenience as allowed by state the department protocol. She later turned over all governmental affairs to the Obama administration while she deleting messages that could be construed as personal. 
Bid for 2016 Presidency
After many different assumptions over whether she would run for the U.S.A presidency, then Clinton’s plans were made official in the spring of 2015. 
On April 12, her campaign announced via email that the former secretary of state was entering the race to secure the Democratic presidential nomination for the election of 2016. 
This was immediately followed by an online campaign clip, and she officially announced that she was running for president.
Campaign Issues
In her campaign site, Clinton addressed different issues: lowering student debt, criminal justice, campaign about finance reform, improving the healthcare coverage and costs of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), and also campaign for the women’s rights. 
FBI Investigation
In May 2016, the State issued a statement against Clinton’s ongoing email scandal. The department starting criticized her for not seeking permission to use a private email server. According to the 79-page report, along with a separate FBI investigation and other legal matters that she involved her private email account. 
After a year, FBI investigation about Clinton’s email practices while she was secretary of state, FBI Director James Comey announced on July 5, 2016, that the agency does not recommend any kind of criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. 
Historic Moment 
Hillary Clinton Accepted Democratic Nomination for President. The release of the emails during the Democratic National Convention was a blow to what party officials had hoped would be a time of supporters. 
After being introduced by daughter Chelsea, Clinton utilized the DNC’s final night to officially accept her party’s nomination for a president of the USA, a historic achievement for women in the U.S.A, and then delineate aspects of her national vision.  
Historic Newspaper Endorsements
In September 2016, The Arizona Republic made a very surprising announcement. it was endorsing a Democrat for the first time in its publication’s history. The 2016 Republican candidate is not qualified.
That’s why, for the first time in our history, The Arizona Republic will support a Democrat for a president of a USA.” 
The announcement of the paper’s unprecedented came on the heels of The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Dallas Morning News’ same decision to break with their longstanding Republican roots by endorsing Clinton over a Donald Trump. 
Post-2016 Campaign
After the campaign, Clinton resurfaced in May 2017 to co-found in the political action organization Onward Together. In September, she published What Happened, an attempt to rationalize the lots of factors that contributed to her in the election.
Clinton continued to criticize the Donald Trump on social media, usually earning a rebuke or a mocking reply from the president’s camp. 
In January 2018, she drew a laugh at the segment of Grammys in which she read from Fire and Fury, a book that revealed the Trump campaign and White House. 
Not all the news was positive before the Grammys, a report surfaced that a senior adviser to the Clinton. In 2008, the presidential campaign had been accused of repeatedly sexually harassing. According to the hidden report, Clinton was aware of the accusations but did not fire to the adviser, instead choosing pay and send him to counseling.
The former first lady continued appearing at many events, opining about the state of politics and her role in it.  In march At Rutgers University, she was asked, how feelings about in the media telling her to “get off the public stage and shut up.
Books and Documentary Of Hillary Culliton
It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us (1996),
Living History (2003) and Hard Choices (2014).
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