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The Corona Virus Crisis: How Trump Is Failing Successfully Success Story You’ll Never Believe

The numerous clever people have been predicting the coronavirus that this virus will be a turning point for anything from economic and social systems to the environment, economic and cultural habits and even that music industry. But according to the US President Mr. Donald Trump is failing to turn. that will helped him to win the last elections, it may be inflicted on America and Americans coronavirus outbreak. 
Because he also sees many opportunities to project himself as the indispensable leader of a vulnerable his nation.acording to the Aaron Sorkin’s film classic, The  President of the America: “People want leadership, instead of genuine leadership. 
They just want leadership because  They’re too much thirsty for crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they find out so there’s no water, and then they’ll only drink the sand instead of water.”Basically sand mean in simple words, ever since Trump embarked on using the coronavirus crisis to dominate the national issues, that rise in the polls, and make his way strong.
The vibe about the virus
Trump starting to miss guide the nation about the danger of a coronavirus outbreak. In the month of February, he was assured the public again, there was nothing to worry about, that all was under control and everything in our hand.
 Now the virus grew in number, so Trump has also decided to personally control the evening news with his regular press conferences, and he succeeded in the news agenda with his mixed messages, mumbled utterances, falsehoods, and overall poor performance. 
Trump did not stem the virus as hundreds of thousands became symptoms, while he was able to shape all the news vibe. Although if he was so brilliant and successful, who blame for the unfolding crisis, the mounting fatalities, the rising unemployment and the looming economic crisis?
The ‘war president’
The US, Trump also rally the nation behind his presidency by declaring himself a “war president”. The media had been draw parallels connection between the pandemic and the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 or the 9/11 attacks in 2001. 
If Trump is succeeded to secure re-election, while, he will also need to stay on the annoying into the summer and back in order to maintain the momentum. now the questing is that , Will his policy work, or will Americans responsibility for their unlucky?
Easy In, easy go?
 the popular phrase of Harry Truman is that, “the buck stops here”, its simple meaning, the president whom responsible for his decisions, but Americans not taken as leaders who have tried to “pass the bucks”. 
The performance of the Trump presidency will be the first to be dismember.according to the New York Times research that is 430,000 traveler of the USA to China including from Wuhan, after Beijing made the coronavirus outbreak for the public, including 40,000 who is arrived in the country after the ban was imposed.
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