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Real Story Behind The U.S. And China Cold War

Real Story Behind  The  U.S. And China Cold War
Focus squarely on Trump as Dec 15 tariffs loom in US-China trade ...
According to the analysts, the greater China-US economic cooperation and ties are urgently needed to help the world face because of the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak in all over the world.
The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the all the global supply chains and demand in various sectors very hard, which means the world’s two largest economies must take the lead and work together to fight this dangerous disease, and reduce its negative effects and aid economic recovery, analysts agreed in an online forum that’s organized by major independent think tank Center for China and Globalization on March 19.
The outbreak, which first hit Central China’s Hubei province, is being felt across the globe, with hot spots now including Europe and the United States, meaning that all countries must surmount their differences and overcome the crisis together, said the think tank’s vice-president Gao Zhikai, who moderated the forum.
The event, that is tapping the latest in advanced technology as a part of anti-outbreak that measures the physical contact limit, more than 560,000 participants and viewers worldwide.
China has also achieved results in its fight against the dangerous disease while the US is in a national emergency because of this disease, trade cooperation between the 2 must continue to help them cope with any economic fallout, 
the University professor also said that in Beijing, The countries must push ahead with negotiations to trade tensions to help any economic crisis that may arise fall from this disease.
In January, China and the US inked a phase in trade deal, also marking a high point in their nearly two years of trade tensions. Last month, China moved to halve tariffs on imports of several US products that followed may be recent tariff reduction decisions by the world’s largest economy. 
But according to economists it starts to hail the reciprocal moves, and the latest warnings are also increased by calling for the world to brace for an economic recession due to this disease.
It would be very better for all U.S. officials to suggest that Washington and Beijing set their political spat and cooperate. while on the other hand the first few weeks of this outbreak in the USA offered assistance, which China accepted without fare. The delivery of a few Chinese face masks would be very useful. 
Washington can also propose some sort of international coordinating body, highlighting the experience, and materiel of those countries which now seem to be exiting this current crisis.
This effort will be helpful in this crisis. The Chinese people also went to a horrendous trial one that is not over, as the prospect of a second wave of infection in lurks. The West should do all the efforts that it can to take advantage of that experience. And that process will be aided by fostering a civil relationship with the previous government. This is also very precisely the worst possible moment to drive the relationship into the ground.
The United States relationship with China has been a very broad connection among the Chinese and American peoples, Mostly for students, journalists, and investors. 
But the most important thing is that economic relationship that is greater diversity and especially domestic production of important life savage or security protecting technologies is reasonable, Support for ensuring but the number of such goods is very small. 
The cost of broadly replicating supply chains and the efficiencies of foreign products can be high and maybe ongoing. China’s inclusion into the supply chain has also provided to the United States more for less, the very important part of our prosperity is that it created another important link connection with China. 
The Chinese communication Party may be also willing to sacrifice for that political reasons, but the cost of the Chinese public and the government may be forced the regime to think many times.
Republican hawks also should stop, at least for the one moment, and creating more enemies. Beijing’s bad behavior can be also left aside for another day. but Now the United States and Europe states, along with the rest of the whole world, and should focus on containing the coronavirus. And that means working with the Chinese government, which has also much to be offered in helping to clean up all mess.
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